Annie Leeds Adventure Fund

In Akron, thirteen-year-old Annie Leeds has been creating “Bracelets for an Adventure!”. All of the proceeds from the bracelets made and sold by Annie go to the “Annie Leeds Adventure Fund”. This fund gives back to kids fighting Mitochondrial Disease just like Annie.

Annie’s Story

Mitochondrial Disease is a group of disorders caused by dysfunctional mitochondria. the mitochondria are the organelles that generate energy for cells. People with this disease feel the effects of it throughout their entire body. This disease doesn’t allow Annie to do what other kids do because her muscles are too weak, her bones are too sensitive, she can’t hear and is also blind. 

The money from the fund is split between research on the disease, as well as giving the kids in the hospital a “gift”. Gifts include things such as tickets to a Sabres game, Darien Lake Theme Park tickets, and more. These gifts allow families to go on trips with their children since they struggle to do these types of things due to hospital visits and medical bills. Annie’s bracelet making was driven by her best friend Kenley from California who also had Mitochondrial Disease. Annie and Kenley would make bracelets and send them to each other as gifts. Unfortunately, Kenley’s fight ended when she passed away earlier this year. 

Driven by love and true friendship, Annie began making bracelets to share with others. Annie wants to continue to give back to those who also have this disease and bring some happiness into their lives.